Apex Concrete Block Factory is a division of the A & P Group of companies having various engineering, manufacturing and marketing activities in various countries including the United Arab Emirates. Apex is one of the leading manufacturers of Thermoblocks, Masonry building blocks and interlocking pavers.


Within a short span of Seven years the company has carved a name for itself in its related business through good customer service and outstanding quality products.

Apex the synonym for innovation. Apex has introduced  revolutionary THERMOBLOCK  in 1999 and successfully marketed in the local market and coordinated with Govt. Departments, as a result it has become a administrative resolution.

The plant boasts of the most modern state of the art computer controlled and robotized systems. The indirect thermic fluid heating system for accelerated curing, ensures not only a high strength in a short time but also enables the company to have shorter delivery cycles.

The plant is managed by competent mechanical and electronic engineers with their vast technical experience that enables them to innovate the related products. Our expertise is backed up by qualified civil Engineer with profuse experience in the concrete industry dealing with various types of concrete products. The raw materials purchase goes through stringent analysis before they go into the production process. We have a full-fledged laboratory to test and monitor the quality of incoming raw materials as well as finished products.

All Apex Concrete Products comply with specifications stipulated in Local Order No. 44:1990 of the Dubai Municipality and conform to BS 6073 Part I, BS 6717 Part I of 1993.

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